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Garage Door Services

Crawford Door Systems offers service for all of your garage door needs with certified technicians on your project. We offer both scheduled and emergency service.

We would like to share maintenance ideas for you in the meantime.

What to do if your garage door opener won’t close

All garage door openers manufactured after 1993 meet UL325 which requires photo cell secondary safety devices. If your opener won’t close and just moves a few inches then reverses and the light(s) blink try holding constant pressure on the close button on the wall control. If the door closes, you have a problem with the photo cell sensors. It may be as simple as aligning them so they are looking at each other or reconnecting a loose wire.

If your door doesn’t move at all after contact with the close button, make sure you have power to the electric operator. This could be a popped circuit breaker or GFI on an outlet in the garage.

Testing and maintaining the Garage Door Opener

There are routine safety and maintenance steps that you should follow once a month. Review your owner's manual for the door opener. If you do not have an owners manual, look for the opener model number on the back of the power unit and request a manual from the manufacturer.

Routine Maintenance Can Prevent Tragedies

Take a few minutes to inspect and test your complete garage door system. Make monthly inspection and testing a part of your regular routine. Safety is everyone's business. Make garage door and garage door opener safety automatic in your home.

Never use WD40 on a garage door

A garage door needs proper care to operate smoothly. When a garage door's mechanism seizes, most homeowners think of common items such as WD40 to re-lubricate the service. But did you know that by doing so, you could be causing more harm than good to your garage? WD40 acts more as a cleaner, removing lubrication from the mechanism and adding to the problem. Here, a white lithium grease or similar product will get the job done properly. The experts here at Crawford Door Systems have the know-how to keep your garage door running like clockwork for years to come.

Monthly Maintenance Checklist

Garage Door Opener

  • • Reversal Test
  • • Force Setting Test
  • • Additional Safety Devices
  • • Visual Inspection - Springs, Rollers, Pulleys, Cables and Track
  • • Lubrication
  • • Door Balance

For more ideas on care and homeowner's tips, contact our team today.