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Loading Dock Equipment

At Crawford Door Systems, we have been in the loading dock equipment business for over 50 years. Our years of experience can help you with design, correct product selection and maximizing the safety environment of your loading dock. Not only do we provide the best products but we also provide installation, periodic maintenance and emergency maintenance. Call us for all of your loading dock equipment needs, we will be glad to help.

We offer loading dock bumpers in laminated rubber, molded rubber and steel faced in various sizes and shapes to meet your loading dock requirements. Bumpers protect the loading dock and trucks by absorbing the shock of impact.
Loading dock levelers come in various sizes, types of operation and capacities. The can be mechanical, hydraulic or air operated. They can be mounted to the edge of the dock or installed in a recessed pit that can be site formed or the unit can be provided with a self-forming pan. The correct capacity and model are paramount in longevity, operational ability and safety. If you are inexperienced in dock leveler design and options, let our experts help you determine just what will work best for you.
Loading docks have heavy equipment and heavy loads, safety is a must. McGuire offers trailer restraint devices (known as truck restraints) which prevent the premature departure of the truck and trailer which could allow the fork lift to fall and cause injury and damage. Our safety equipment includes signage, lights systems, restraints, wheel chocks and integrating the door, dock and restraint into one package for safety. Our loading dock specialist can help you design a safe operating dock.
McGuire Loading Dock Seals and Shelters help you keep the outside weather outside and the inside weather inside on your loading dock and warehouse. These either compress against the rear of the trailer or wrap around the trailer to keep rain and weather out of your warehouse and off you loading dock. Wet floors are dangerous floors. Properly designed and installed seals and shelter can help keep the water outside where it belongs and keep conditioned air inside.
Loading Dock Accessories
We offer a fully line of loading dock accessories including dock lights and fan/light combinations. Track guards can help keep your loading dock doors operating and reduce maintenance.